Sculpture in the City

Sometimes the problem with London is there is almost too much to do.  Too many events to cram into one weekend.  Too many places to be.  Too many choices to make. The chance of missing something ‘unmissable’ is a weekly occurrence.  Keeping on top of every new bar, restaurant or pop-up in London is enough to give even the most trendy Londoners a headache.

With the release of this year’s Open House guide on Friday, I’ve therefore decided -for the moment at least- to stop searching for what’s new in London and take a step back to look at what’s already here.  With my four year anniversary in London coming up in a few weeks there’s really no excuse not to get my act together.

While Open House is not until September(20th/21st), I happened to come across some other sites work a peek while researching.  With two appointments in the City- and with four hours to kill in between them… yes four hours..- I thought it would be the perfect time to take a look at the sculptures currently on show in London.

The majority of these are part of the free Sculpture In The City exhibit dotted around the Square Mile in London City – so if you have half an hour to spare go take a look!

The beautiful Leadenhall Market was the perfect start to my tour.

Sculpture City Leadenhall
Time here becomes space, Space here becomes time by Cewith Wyn Evans
Sculpture City Leadenhall
Sculpture City Leadenhall
Sculpture City Leadenhall
False Ceiling by Richard Wentworth
Sculpture City Leadenhall Books Art Sculpture City Leadenhall Art
Sculpture City Leadenhall Art
Then I wandered on around the rest of the Square Mile to check out as many as I could find.
Sculpture City
High Wind IV by Lynn Chadwick
Sculpture City
Work Scaffolding Sculpture by Ben Long
Sculpture City Gherkin
Salvia by Julian Wild
Fall by Paul Hosking
Sculpture City
Deadly Nightshade by Julian Wild
Sculpture City
Sculpture City
Sculpture City
Southern Shade II; V by Nigel Hall
Sculpture City
Kiss by Nigel Hall
Sculpture City



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