‘Goodbye my Coney Island Baby’

As I open the blinds to another dreary day in London, my mind wanders back to a time of travels, adventures and sunshine. Definitely time for my penultimate New York post! Yes you heard it here first I am scraping another two posts out of my week long holiday, but when everything’s new there is just so much to see, and consequently ramble about!
On Sam’s last day before jetting off early we awoke to the most beautiful day yet! The only appropriate thing to do was to head to the beach! Off to Coney Island we set!
Even the gritty view from the station looks nice when the sun is shining!
New York
When you arrive you can hardly miss Nathan’s ‘famous’ hot dog restaurant.
New York Coney Island
although I think maybe ‘infamous’ is more appropriate…
This guy loves his hot dogs..
A little too early for lunch – we headed straight down to the beach to cool our toes in the Atlantic Ocean…
New York Coney Island

Unfortunately we were such early birds that the rides were not even open, but we still got to take a peek…

New York Coney Island
New York Coney Island
New York Coney Island
As one of the rides is the historic WOODEN roller coaster known as the Cyclone, I was more than happy to avoid a spin! I don’t want to die!…or even worse get a splinter!
New York Coney Island
We then hit the shops to get some essentials…
Before Sam got her fortune taken…
Unfortunately her fortune came true and she left Don and me to spend the last few days getting in trouble without her!

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