Ride 100

In case you don’t live in London or have had your head in the sand for the last few months there was a rather large cycle sportive on this weekend! A number of events took place over the weekend, climaxing with the Ride 100 challenge and the London-Surrey Classic for the pros.

Having not quite reached pro level just yet, I took part in the Ride 100 race, which is a 100 mile cycle through London and Surrey. Yes that’s right…a hundred miles you say!!

At this stage it would be naughty not to mention that I only took part in the business relay – roughly 25 miles each between the four of us. Pheeewwww!

I took on the first leg of the challenge, which started at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park…

As this was the first leg, there wasn’t much room to breathe for cyclists...
I don’t think I’ve ever seen so much Lycra in one place!
When the time finally arrived I got on the saddle and pedalled as fast as I could Westwards to Hampton Court Palace.
It was such perfect conditions, and Kingston was looking beautiful…
I arrived at the changeover point 1 hour 28 minutes after departure, injury free and only one panic inducing, chain jamming, incident later.
There was just time for a few team snaps, before my fellow team mate Sarah had to set off on leg 2!
After seeing them off on their way I stayed a little longer to get some tips from the elite riders, but they whizzed past so quickly there wasn’t much to see!

So I set off homeward bound, only another 15 miles to add to my journey….

….and I was still home by 11am! It’s amazing how much you can get done when you get up early!

Having cycled a round trip of 50 miles the 100 doesn’t seem too bad……hmmmm Next Year perhaps??

Ballot opens for 2014 next Monday 12th August. Put your name down! What’s the worst that could happen….


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