Saturday Skate Night

What do you do on a Saturday night in London when you’re trying to avoid sweet liquid nectar of the alcoholic variety!?
It’s surprisingly difficult to find anything where you’re not at least tempted to indulge in a wee tipple.
When Lauren suggested we headed to the new imaginatively titled skating rink, Skate in King’s Cross, we jumped at the chance and booked up our tickets quickly!
It’s tucked behind King’s Cross Station in Granary Square, which in itself is worth a visit on a sunny evening…
As promised we stuck to the soft drinks
And then grabbed our ‘wheels’
Lauren and Ellie were naturals!
I was a little less stable on my feet!



Ready. Set….SKATE
We managed to ‘whizz’ round for at least half an hour before it felt too much like hard work and the draw of the cool fountain  in this heat was too much…

Overall a great alternative for a fun Saturday night! It has only just opened so was not exactly ‘happening’ when we went, but I think when it’s finally caught on it will be a great atmosphere! It’s on until September so try on your skates for size and give it a whirl!


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