With less than a week in between Lovebox and Secret Garden Party- I decided that it would not be wise to go to both! That is until they announced the line up…
I have been a huge Jurassic 5 since Uni, and when they disbanded in 2007, I thought I’d missed my chance to see them! When a reunion tour was announced this year it had to be done. I promptly snapped up two tickets… and subsequently forgot to find a partner in crime to go with me!
In my usual last minute style I scoured my mates on the day for a free friend on a Friday night…oops. They were all of course super busy and popular (or couldn’t handle spending a whole night alone with me!) so I went it alone, and sold my spare in a matter of minutes at the door!
Lovebox is set in the cool East London surroundings of Victoria Park, right by Regent’s canal.

Having legged it straight from work my first stop was the bar, until I saw the queues…. such a different scene from The Gov Ball in NYC, where the bars were empty but you had to queue hours for a hotdog!

On route to the main stage I stopped off at the Terazza for a wee listen to Redlight…




And then it was time to wander over to the main stage…



for Rudimental…
who were fun fun fun
Then I squeezed up front for J5






In the end I was glad I was alone as I had no shame hollering lyrics and dancing like an ijit at the front!! Although I wasn’t quite as keen as this girl who had to be escorted off as she tried to leap on stage…


As they drew to a close I left the main stage to see what else was going on.





Time for a quick stop off to see a small electro act.
Before heading off to The Big Top


where I caught the end of Flying Lotus

…who was perhaps a tad overexcited and refused to leave! Obviously the crowd were just too good.

Last but not least time for some Mele to finish off the perfect sunny day…

Then time to battle the crowds on the central line…. 😦

Did you guys see anyone amazing?


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