Shard Up

In January I received a gift ticket for a trip up the newly finished Shard. I have been waiting for a sunny day ever since!
This week seemed perfect. The sun has been resplendent for two weeks now. I triple checked the forecast and reserved my spot for a perfectly timed sunset.
Things didn’t quite go to plan…
At 8pm sharp London’s clear blue skyline grew hazy and sammy sun got camera shy behind the clouds. Ah well not quite the picturesque  golden pink skys I’d been hoping for but still  one of the best views I’ve had of London to date.
She stretches 308 metres and 72 storeys up into the sky, making her the tallest building in Europe….for now at least
Looking West
and East



The top platform is open to the sky and represents the ‘shard of ice’ it is based on.



St  Pauls looks small from up here.
As I waited for the sun to set I perched on the edge to experience the view down
and waved hello to passers by
It’s as high as the moon
London suddenly transformed as the lights went out…






i heart london



people still working hard in the lit up offices…



The moon is well and truly out so better get home before he disappears.
Night Night London!

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