Brixton Brunch

I am Scottish. It’s 30C degrees in London today.  Instead of jumping for joy at this sunny prospect, lethargy has taken over and I immediately feel the need to hibernate. Don’t get me wrong, when winter hits I am equally as miserable! Despite the arctic training I have had north of the border, I still feel the pain of the cold as much as I feel the pain of the searing heat!
The problem with the heat is it is inescapable….
You can’t just throw a trendy knit on and sit by the fire. You either have to find a minion to fan you 24/7 or for the less extravagant of us just deal with it…
After an overly lazy Saturday, Sunday rolled round and the time came to face the music. What better way than with good food, good drink and good friends to distract me!
Fi popped round and off we headed to Brixton Village for a wander and a spot of tasty grub.




I come here quite regularly, but even I was pleasantly surprised at how many new places there were, as it becomes more and more popular. Despite this we settled for an old favourite; Senzala Creperie which do amazing crepes!
Fi went sweeeeeeeeet with chocolate, strawberries and cream.


While I kept it savoury with the ‘Morning Glory’ consisting of bacon, egg, tomato and cheese.

Now that I’ve managed to make it outdoors it would be rude not to embrace the sunshine and have a cheeky drink in the Duke‘s hidden gem of a beer garden.





Now time to head home for an ice bath!

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