Murray Fever

Have I missed something?? What’s going on in the world???
I don’t know about you, but I have had Murray Fever for two weeks now, and am only just managing to get over it. There were times when I thought it was all over, times when I thought I was getting better only to be brought back to earth with a break point, even times when my Pimms prescription no longer started to ease the pain.
But now these two weeks of suffering seem all but a distant memory. I am cured! and Murray is Wimbledon Champion!
I followed him through thick and thin.
I watched him in the pub…
I watched him until it got dark…
I shared the pain with friends

I drowned my sorrow with too many Pimms…



I watched him in my lunch hour…



and of course I watched him at home…

I even put a cheeky bet on him! And thank goodness I did! I must have been a good luck charm! 😉


See you on the 26th August for the US Open!!

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