Ohhhhh Murray..

Anyone else an emotional wreck after today’s tennis??

Murray really likes to put us through the wringer doesn’t he!!

Even if you don’t love or even like the muzza, you have to respect his fight back! To come back after two sets down and take it was amazing form, although it almost killed me to watch!

I left the office with him two sets down and even I was left doubting him… Oh how he proved us all wrong!

On my walk to the tube, I couldn’t help but check the big screen outside my office and found him winning the third…

Time to pull up a deck chair and have some faith!

watched robson here too

After he pulled it together to win the third set, I sprinted to the tube, to watch the fourth at home.

My poor poor flatmates! They had to deal with a lot of squealing, and excitement as Andy finally sealed the deal…

God I still feel sick with nerves! Best go to bed now, got tickets for centre tomorrow! Hopefully Lisicki wins, she seems like a real good un’!

Will report back tomorrow!


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