Hangin’ out Brooklyn style

When we rocked up in NYC, we thought we’d be the cool kids and live it up in Brooklyn…financial restraints of course had nothing to do with it…..;)
Unfortunately we didn’t quite choose the up and coming area of Brooklyn we’d been imagining, after watching too much ‘Girls’. It was less Dalston, more Croydon, without the nice areas. The flat was awesome, the thirty second sprint from the flat to the subway was not quite so awesome. Ah well you live and learn! Next time I’m saving up to stay on 5th Ave!
The rest of Brooklyn was right up our street though and we made the most of Williamsburg -the hipster-ville of NYC.
To revive ourselves after a mere two hours sleep on the plane we went for Roberta’s pizza which came highly recommended for a reason. Yum.


Then took a walk around town
ok if you insist…
Honk honkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
Shooting some B-Ball outside of..eh  school
Once we had had enough of  trailing the streets we headed home to spruce up for out night time activities. 


Our stop..



We decided to ride, not surf for our first subway experience
And hit up the Williamsburg pub scene




And caught up with Sam’s old friend from…




As well as a few other revellers…




everything’s bigger in the states, D is struggling..


on to the rooftop bar





and then on to ‘The Woods’ – the perfect dive club to round off any night… free shot with every beer…uh oh




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