One more tourist in London

While you may have already grasped from my previous posts- I am rather fond of anything to do with tennis. My parents are largely to blame for this! Every June they come down to see me in London…The fact that Wimbledon happens to be on every time is just a convenient coincidence… 😉
Once their tennis addiction had been satisfied we of course got together for a weekend of catching up and sightseeing.
I always love a boat trip so we set sail down the river to Greenwich, and I couldn’t help become a typical London tourist.
The Eye
The Shard


Tower of London
Tower Bridge


When we reached Greenwich and dry land we headed for a well earned drink in the beer garden of The Old Brewery.
Daddy J


Then we took a leisurely stroll further down the river.


Then we hopped on the new Emirates Air Line just to tick off another mode of transport!




Finally we walked down the North side of the river.
Limehouse Harbour




Over Tower Bridge and back onto the Southbank, for some classic nighttime vistas.


St Paul’s


And back to where we started, this time with Pride colours lighting up the sky


Oooof enough walking, time to call it a night…

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