Who needs Glasto…right??

And so it begins…..

the constant trills, shrieks and general in your face-ness of Glastonbury!

All very well if you’re going…..NOT so great if you’re left behind at work…

My facebook homepage has already been inundated with countdowns, yelps of glee and an extreme overuse of exclamation marks!!!!!!!

Me Bitter?? Never…OK maybe a tad. a smidgen. a teeny tiny wee bit…..OK A LOT!

I was one of the many who dragged myself, and the rest of housemates out of bed that cold hungover sunday morning in a bid to secure us some tickets but to no avail. So it’s time to get over it! and look forward to the other awesome festivals I have lined up.

This year I’m going to Secret Garden Party, Bestival and Lovebox. If only it was more! Any more recommendations??

Bestival is not till September so snap up a ticket if you’ve not already got one!

And in the meantime in a vain attempt to alleviate my extreme jealously, I decided to take a browse through my best Bestival snaps and look forward to that instead! 🙂







ps….anyone else hopes it rains….just a little 😉


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