It may well be Monday again, but I started the day without quite the same level of dread….why???

WIMBLEDON of course!!
Two whole weeks of viewing pleasure to entertain me! and a sneaky pair of Ladies Semi-final tickets to help me along the way!
I love tennis, but I have to admit I mainly reserve my viewing to the majors. This just makes it even more exciting when they roll along though!
What’s more when I sauntered into work this morning I caught them setting up an enormous screen in the square with deck chairs – It can surely only be for one reason. My lunch times are sorted..
Andy Murray is of course my firm favourite(and if you saw the BBC1 Docu on him last night you surely all have to love him now too right??), and thankfully he’s playing today so my obsession can begin! Stressful times ahead though…
hmmmmm strawberries and pimms for dinner anyone?

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