5 days to go before I attempt to run for 26.2 miles continuously!

I’m running the Edinburgh Marathon on Sunday and the pressure is starting to build! I feel like I’ve been waiting for this week to be over for 6 months and now it’s finally arrived I feel very under-prepared!!

Don’t get me wrong I’ve done the mileage and trained up to 20 miles so my legs should be ready but when it comes to running, so much hangs in the balance. Get one thing wrong and it can skew everything.

So I have been searching the inter web and PASTA seems to be the winner!

Hmmmmm.  I have finally got an excuse to eat as many carbs as I can humanly get on board and pasta is all I am being offered. It’s not that I don’t like pasta it’s just that I tend to avoid it considering it was the only dish I ate for the first two years of my university career…

what to have?? what to have??

this looks more like it…..surely I can’t go wrong if I stick to one pancake per mile right?!



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