Stick to the LIST…

Another month rolls on, and another birthday rears its ugly head…not my birthday you understand… the birthday of a friend/flatmate/family member where I spend the best part of four weeks trying to find the perfect present only to end up spending $$$$ and finding it up on ebay the next week!

This may make me sound like a tight(I am Scottish after all…), uncaring friend, but in reality I think I care too much about what said present will evoke on the receiver. If it doesn’t produce yelps of glee and excitement, or even tears of happiness( this may be a tad optimistic on my present giving ability) then I feel I have failed!

What makes things worse is that I am a PLANNER, but frequently forget, or more often than not -put off- the DOING, which means this dreadful task hangs over me weeks before I even pause to think about present possibilities…

Now at Christmas, things are different. Everyone is in the same sinking boat together.  In the struggle not to drown, we all throw each other the proverbial life ring in the form of a LIST. Oh how I love a good list!

Long gone are the days where all I want is a ‘SURPRISE’. One electric violin, and one pair of judy garland-esque red sequin shoes later and this ‘new found’ list formation quickly won me over.

red sequin shoes only work standing next to tin man

I miss the days where if in doubt you get the old fail safe in the form of a book or a CD.

Every Christmas Eve, my brother and I would head to the high street to start and very quickly finish our Christmas shopping- in one go and by visiting three shops- HMV, Waterstones and WHSmith. So YES- every year my mother either got a CD, a book or a ‘fancy’ – i.e not bic- pen, but she loved it…didn’t she!?!

So either I no longer live up to the highs of my perfect gift giving youth or my mother is way too polite, leaving me in a false reality of ultimate present satisfaction!

As I grow older and slightly wiser I have established that it is most certainly the latter. Ballllllss.

So any ideas folks??

I am in need of;
1x male, 30th (already a month overdue!!)
1x female 27th and
1x female 63rd…

uh ohhhh I’m in trouble – it looks like i’m going to have to go into an actual shop….my online window is closing quickly…

one pen, one CD and one book coming up….



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