Ahoy there…

Ahoy there…

This week, Bestival announced it’s Friday Night Headliner…on a boat. As a massive Bestival fan, and with my 2013 ticket already purchased I jumped at the chance to attend this rum fueled shindig!
With Elton John and Snoop Dog(or is it ‘Lion’ roarrrr) already announced I must admit I had high expectations! …maybe too high..
After free rum punch and numerous free shots of sailor jerry (note to self not a good idea on a Wednesday night)we waited with baited breath..
And the final headliner is……
Rob Da Bank and Fatboy
Fatboy Slim!!! W.O.Wsers …..yeah OK not quite the Daft Punk we were all hoping for….sorry Norm..
But in the end who can complain -we had an ace night and come September I will be sure to be dancing my wee socks of to Mr Cook!
HMS President on the Thames


Sam with the crew


Sailor Jerry


Limbo time


chilling enjoying a corona


the usual suspects – sam and donna


boat with a view


deck lounging with rum punch


the sun is out!!


me hanging out back


party time


donna and the captain
sooo if the captain is hanging out with donna i think it’s time to disembark! Catch you all later


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